ETN Members-only Telegram group


This is the official Europa Terra Nostra members-only Telegram group.


The purpose of this group is to allow our members to communicate and network with one another easily, no matter where in the world that you reside. Of course, ETN holds its online meetings every two weeks via Zoom, but we are sure that a number of you may wish to keep in contact with one another on a more regular basis and discuss a plethora of topics amongst yourselves.


Of course, as fellow nationalist comrades, we expect each and every one of you to get along just fine. However, we must lay out some basic rules for you, as to ensure order within the group:



No arguments. While healthy and civil debate is, of course, encouraged, heated arguments must either be taken elsewhere or must not be allowed to spiral out of control. This is a space for all of us to communicate and network a fellow nationalist comrades, not a space to allow ourselves to enter into a state of feuding with one another over small things. The nationalist cause moves forward when its advocates move forward TOGETHER.



No verbal abuse. Naturally, ETN strongly supports the notion of freedom of speech and expression, but outright verbal abuse will NOT be tolerated and will result in the offender being kicked from the Telegram group. As stated above, we all stand together for the nationalist cause, so we cannot allow personal divisions to get in the way of us working together as European brothers and sisters.



No spam. Another obvious rule, we know, but we need to reiterate these things. Anybody who we suspect is sharing spam material, suspicious links to questionable content, inappropriate comments, etc. shall also run the risk of being kicked from the Telegram group.



No illegal symbolism, subject matter and “historical revisionism”. Once again, while ETN are strongly in support of freedom of speech and expression, in this day and age, different countries and governments have varying laws with regards to historical/national symbols, the discussion of certain topics and references to perceived “historical revisionism”. We are sure that we do not need to remind everybody of specific examples of taboo historical themes and topics within their own respective countries, but in order to avoid risking potential legal action, we must ask you that you DO NOT display symbols which have been deemed as illegal, nor do we encourage the open discussion of subject matter which could be deemed as legally problematic. References to “historical revisionism” are also very risky areas to tread and the last thing that any of us would want is to suffer legal persecution for bringing up something illegal. We understand how frustrating this is, as we do support the concept of free and open discussion, but such is the way of many governments and national laws of today to stifle our freedom of speech and expression.


These rules are in place to ensure that your time in this group is free from trouble and any other inconveniences for you. We hope that you enjoy being a part of this group!

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