The Anti-White Establishment and What We Have to Do


Following the Black Lives Matter movement, which originated in the US but quickly spread to western Europe, you ought to believe that it's a pro-black or even a pro-justice movement. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The riots, the tearing down of statues and the murdering we see is just a consequence of decades of anti-white politics, culture and media. The rioters are a generation raised with anti-white propaganda in their schools, universities, television sets and their political establishment.

We can seek the roots of this, and prototypes of this kind of movements, hundreds of years back in our history, but the main tipping point came with critical theory, the Frankfurt School and the protests of 1968. Since then, academia has been steeped in anti-white propaganda, which at an increasing speed has tried to rid whites of our identity and turn people of all races against white culture, ideals and civilisation.

Black Lives Matter


For anyone interested in learning more about critical theory and the Frankfurt School, The Culture of Critique by Prof. Kevin MacDonald is a must-read.  It will give you an exceptional understanding of the background, the motives and the key players behind the ideas that are now fueling riots in our cities.

But mainly we need to understand that the driving force behind "Black Lives Matter" is not pro-black nor pro-justice, it's anti-white. And not just white people in general; everything that can be associated with white history, white culture and white civilisation.

National Museum of African American History and Culture recently published a chart laying out the "Aspects and Assumptions of whiteness and White Culture in the United States". In this chart, among other things, "follow rigid time schedules" and "objective, rational linear thinking" were listed as signs of whiteness.

Things that are crucial to our civilisation are deemed problematic because they are typically white and therefore problematic for blacks.

It might sound like a joke, and we can laugh about it, but the consequences are severe. When we face the fact that we as a collective, as a civilisation, as a race, are under attack and that our enemies won't stop before they've erased every trace of us from this planet, we also understand that we've to get organised and fight back.

This is one of the reasons why we've founded Europa Terra Nostra. To make sure to build bridges between people of European ancestry; to get organised in the best possible way for the future that's awaiting us.

Our future existence is not a "right" that some governmental body will give us. It's something we have to earn, by fighting and striving towards a better future for our children. We do it together in Europa Terra Nostra.


Dan Eriksson



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