The EU is Crumbling – Sentiments in Key Member States Shift to Leave


Since the start of the European Debt Crisis in 2009, Brussels has been grappling with its inability to come to terms with its self-induced financial problems. On top of that, the EU is currently seeking refuge in an enormous sense of indebtedness, in an attempt to mitigate the inevitable economic consequences following various unfounded socio-economic restrictions brought on by hysteria surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The subsequent impact on state budgets, corporations and labour market are incalculable.



According to a study led by Professor Karl Wennberg from Linkoping University, OECD countries had implemented their respective lockdown measures with little thought towards the true scale of the pandemic in their own respective countries, or the preparedness of their respective healthcare systems – primarily modelling their own lockdown policies on what neighbouring countries were doing at the time. However, the heeding of and correlation with standard epidemiological indicators had been very weak.


Role Model Brexit


With the UK’s post-Brexit transition process in full-swing, Brussels’ establishment becomes increasingly more nervous when facing its accumulating problems insofar as the prospect of the UK becoming a potential role model for other EU member states to also abandon the bloc. In relation to this, the Redfield & Wilton Strategies survey published highly informative data, predicting that Italy is currently the most likely of the "Big Four" member states of the EU to also consider withdrawing from the bloc, provided that Brexit proves to be beneficial to UK in the long-term. In light of this, the obstructive behaviour of EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier towards Brexit and other Eurosceptic movements necessary to analyse.


With Italian former TV journalist Gianluigi Paragone’s launching of his "Italexit" party on July 23, the topic of growing Euroscepticism in Italy is likely to gain more attention under the European geo-political spotlight. However, we also cannot forget that withdrawal from the EU would certainly be a significant political leap for any current member state. Nevertheless, this falls short of an alternative vision – a concept how best to settle and reforge relations between sovereign nation-states across the whole of Europe. This is precisely what genuine nationalists are working on – withdrawal from the European Union for a fresh European start.


Sovereignty and European Consciousness


According to the survey mentioned in the previous section, currently, the member state most in favour of leaving the EU within the next five years – if Brexit indeed proves to be a long-term success – is Italy, with 45% of the country surveyed either agreeing or strongly agreeing with the idea of an "Italexit." France followed Italy in the survey, but lagged considerably behind its Mediterranean neighbour, polling at 38% in favour of withdrawal from the EU, followed closely by Spain, at 37%.


There are two strategically interesting observations for nationalists. Considering the one-sided pro-EU media, and Brussels’ excessive financial bribery, it is astonishing that – despite not yet making up the absolute majority – such a significant share of people in various EU member states express desire to see their respective nations withdraw from the bloc. At the same time, the survey shows a distinct European sentiment which challenges the notion of reconciliation with the desire for national sovereignty – i.e. freedom – with a European consciousness.


Nationalists´ Responsibility for Europe


When the Brussels’-created scheme “Next Generation EU” – which is nothing more but a financial scheme requiring the next generation of EU citizens to clear the bloc’s debts – starts to crumble more rapidly, the overall sentiments of various EU member states will shift considerably more towards demands for complete withdrawal from the EU. However, when that crucial point is reached, true nationalists are required to take responsibility for Occidental Europe, in order to avoid the divisive politics of civic populists, which would result in a weakening of Europe that will only lead to the benefitting of the global imperialist elite.


Let us never again divide European nationalists – Join Europa Terra Nostra, the engine room where strengths are pooled!


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