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Irish nationalists are not only traditionally struggling for a reunification of all 32 counties, moreover they are confronted with numerous existential problems like emigration of Irishmen by simultaneously immigration of third world Africans and Arab muslems as well as economic and social decay caused by anti-patriotic capitalist globalisation.


According to this recognition Niall McConnell originated the Síol na hÉireann-movement as the heirs of the traditions, ideas and hopes of the Irish Revolution. The activities of Niall McConnell and his fellow campaigners give evidence that the Irish Revolution is still in a process.




Niall McConnell believes in a sovereign Ireland instead of a province of Brussels EU-empire and struggles for national freedom where instead of sectarian differences the Irish are united against liberal-capitalism, multiculturalism and globalisation. Síol na hÉireann is not only editing and distributing an eponymous newspaper, currently Niall McConnell primarily organises food aid-delivery for elderly Irish people or families who are in need because of the Corona-crisis. Actions speak louder than words!


Despite Síol na hÉireann defines itself as a devout movement of action and not of more or less anonymous social media-generals, its frontman Niall McConnell does a regularly video-broadcasting with the purpose to inform and involve all who are interested as well as to give insight into the European nationalist movement by inviting representatives from abroad to discuss. Recently, on Easter-Sunday, Niall McConnell hosted a broadcast with one of the book authors of Europa Terra Nostra, Sascha Roßmüller, about several topics like Corona, Geopolitics, EU and European identity.



And like Patrick Pearse said that a country without its language is a country without a soul, Síol na hÉireann encourages using Ireland`s ancestral Celtic language, Gaelic, to revive the soul of Ireland. Indeed, cultural identity is essentially reflected in the respective language. With this in mind: Sláinte mhaith!





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