The Plutocratic Summit of Big Tech Oligarchs


Pure Hypocrisy: The Armada of Private Jets & Climate Activism


As the old saying goes, "Money makes the world go round". The present has taught us that the political powers of the executive, legislative and judiciary have been joined by the media, which – thinking little of the separation of powers – immediately set about usurping leadership. Transparency is, of course, disruptive, and media plurality has been largely pretended to the outside world.



True to the saying mentioned above, capital and big tech media had long since united to keep control over who sits in parliament buildings and on government benches, as was shown, for example, by the censorship measures against the former US president Donald Trump who was still in office at the time. A five-day meeting of the billionaire investment and big tech elite was held in Sun Valley, Idaho, USA between the 6th – 10th July. It was also attended by various influential media figures (but not journalists) – likely in order to consolidate the plutocracy of the meeting.


$588 Billion Influence Synergy


The conference was organised by the investment bank Allen & Company, which had accompanied numerous big tech IPOs in the past and acted as an advisor for acquisitions. A few examples of well-known participants give an idea of the synergies of influence that were at play here. Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg was joined by Mark Zuckerberg himself, CEO of Disney Bob Iger, CNN presenter Anderson Cooper, Apple's Tim Cook, Patriots owner Robert Kraft, Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffet, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his successor as CEO Andy Jassy and even Bill Gates himself. The estimated net wealth gathered for this conference is said to have been more than $588 billion this year alone.



Preach Water, Drink Wine


Due to the closed and slightly conspiratorial nature of this meeting, little is known about the agreements made at the event. Still, one agenda had been leaked and can also be taken as characteristic of the hypocritical attitude of these self-appointed „philanthropists“. Bill Gates is said to have regaled the billionaires with a lecture on climate change. However, in these circles, they seem to have internalised a case of "preaching water and drinking wine". The guests were not at all concerned by the fact that they flew to this elite event in such a high number of fuel-consuming private jets that the US Federal Aviation Administration was actually forced to delay numerous approaches. A brave new world indeed.


Sascha A. Roßmüller

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