Washington, USA to “Shelter” So-Called Transgender Children from Parents

The American transgender community’s campaigns in favour of legalised child abuse continues and shows no signs of stopping. The US state of Washington could soon make it legal for youth centres to shelter children and teenagers who have “escaped” their homes in order to undertake abortions and even gender reassignment surgeries…without the consent of their parents.

Last week, the Washington House of Representatives passed a bill which effectively gets rid of a law that previously required all youth centres to notify the parents of a child or teenager if the latter have checked themselves into said centre. The only exception was if the minor was being abused by their parents or guardians. With the passing of this new bill – formally known as Senate Bill 5599 – youth centres will no longer be required to inform a minor’s parents or guardians if the minor in question has checked into a youth centre in order to avoid their families when seeking either an abortion or even gender reassignment surgery. In short, institutions created in order to help young people who are suffering from abuse and/or forms of self-harm, addiction, homelessness, etc. will now be permitted by Washington state law to support young people who wish to kill their own unborn children and/or even undergo medical procedures which will physically mutilate and mentally destroy them for the sake of so-called “gender affirmation”.

Washington is not the only American state – and a Democrat one at that – that is pushing hard for transgenderism policies onto children, with or without parental consent. Other Democrat states, such as Oregon, Minnesota and Colorado, have also been pursuing policies that will define their respective states as so-called “safe havens” for young people who wish to have an abortion and/or gender reassignment surgeries – again, with or without parental consent, but with emphasis on the latter. California has also recently put forward a bill that would allow children as young as 12 to check themselves into youth centres without parental consent for similar reasons – abortions and gender reassignment surgeries.

In a campaign that is arguably one of the most disgusting and shameful to yet come out of the pro-transgender community and its support base, several prominent LGBT campaigners have even been taking to social media and public institutions in order to encourage young people to outright sever any and all ties with their own families if the latter do not support decisions which include having an abortion and wanting to undergo irreversible gender reassignment surgeries. The current emphasis has been overwhelmingly placed on the latter reason, however. In short, the state itself will actively encourage the collapse of the family unit if it means supporting child transgenderism. According to Democrat representative of the State of Washington Tana Senn:

I am saying tonight to them that I see you, that I affirm you, that I hear you, that I love you…With this passage of the bill, we are saying that Washington State does too.

On the other hand, Republican representative of the State of Washington Jim Walsh countered:

Sponsors and supporters of this bill have overstepped the Constitution and case law in promoting this policy, which would allow state bureaucrats to hide minor children from custodial parents and legal guardians…[The bill assumes that] Families that don’t “affirm” a child’s short-term desires are being abusive.

According to the author of the bill, State Senator Marko Liias, the passing of this bill would be justified because, allegedly, puberty blockers and gender reassignment surgeries have “been proven to lower rates of adverse mental health outcomes, build self-esteem and improve the overall quality of life for transgender and gender diverse youth.” One of the main problems with Liias’ statement is that his claims stem from US Government sources which have cited data coming from transgender activist organisations – i.e. organisations and movements which have long been known to lie and distort scientific facts in order to push the very same transgender ideology that is now being pushed by state governments across the USA itself. Of course transgender organisations will claim that taking puberty blockers and undergoing gender reassignment surgery will – somehow – make the patient “feel better”, because stating the contradictory facts would put their own transgender ideology at risk of further scrutiny and criticism. Recent studies have revealed that people who take hormones for gender “transitioning” only feel mild-to-moderate boosts in overall mood, and even then, such minor boosts in mood decrease significantly after approximately three years from the beginning of so-called hormone “treatment”.

I realise that my most recent articles have all been about transgenderism and the ideology that surrounds it, but it is genuinely becoming ever more disturbing – and rapidly so – that the transgender community’s campaigns in pushing for the spreading of their sick ideology – even to children – in the West is reaching a point where people simply cannot ignore the damage that is being done any longer. Thankfully, however, with the rise of new pro-transgenderism movements and organisations taking place across the West, there is an almost equal number of movements and organisations forming in turn, which seek to combat the extreme dangers of transgender ideology and everything that it stands for. It is these people that we should all be backing and showing our support for, in order to save everything that we hold dear to us – our nations, our families, our children.

Stefan Brakus

ETN Board Member (Serbia)

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