Will Racial Divisions in the US lead to Separatist Developments, and what Conclusion do Whites have to draw?


Although the dogma of globalist policies promotes the idea of universalism where the philosophical doctrines and natural needs of ethnic groups that are forming countries and nation-states are deemed as obsolete, the United States and its ever more chaotic society prove quite the opposite. The growing ethnic tensions across the United States challenge the idea of equality of the liberal establishment - daily.


The black communities revolt, deeply convinced that living in a racially heterogeneous society is not of their interest and that a white-established community, its laws and practices are set on such premise that the African-Americans are in a disadvantage.


NFAC Grand Master Jay (YouTube)

NFAC Grand Master Jay (YouTube)


The controversy surrounding the death of George Floyd and the following riots across the United States shifted the focus of the public towards allegedly racial issues which divide the country.


At the centre-point of the media attention is, of course, the "Black Lives Matter" movement, which proved that at its forefront stand spokesmen who represent (or trying to represent) the notion that the liberal media is trying to promote. Black Lives Matter focused on the narrative that all white people should be labelled as guilty for "institutional racism", demanding reparations and riding along on the anti-white bandwagon which the big media outlets in the United States started.


Amid the BLM protests, another group of more militant and pro-active protesters emerged. They call themselves the NFAC, a movement that is influenced by the Black Power movement of the 1960s.


Their spokesman Grandmaster Jay (real name John Fitzgerald Johnson) explained the difference between the NFAC and BLM and the motives behind the movement. The goal of the NFAC is not to settle for a reform of society in the United States. The NFAC desires a black ethnostate, possibly on the territory of today's Texas. Johnson stated that the NFAC is led by black, ex-military officers and blacks who have a higher education and who have a more focused and clear goal. Johnson complained that the media ignored him on purpose after giving an interview where he stated the goals and demands of the NFAC.


He claimed that his ideas and the ideas of his movement don´t fit in the liberal narrative of the media which they promote through the BLM movement. The NFAC represents the idea of building an ethnically black nation-state. If their plan of making Texas their nation-state fails, they are willing to promote the idea of settling in Africa and building a nation-state on the old continent of their ancestors. Johnson claims that building a nation for their own is a legitimate and natural right and that one way or the other, their goals will be realized.


With a mindset like Johnsons representing the will of the black community in the United States, one cannot but wonder if the white Europeans lost their will of keeping control of their own fate. The declining demographics of whites in Europe and the Americans, as well as an influx of migrants into European countries, are more than enough to wonder if our instinct for survival is still there? European ethnostates basically don´t exist anymore except for several east-European countries. Ethnostates which were founded on other continents by white Europeans are no more what they used to be. South Africa, a land tamed and developed by European settlers is not European anymore. In fact, whites in South Africa are being targeted for extermination as armed gangs of thugs kill entire families on a daily basis. The United States, an overwhelmingly white and European country, facing massive demographic shifts for the last 60 years, declines into ethnic turmoil and chaos. Europe and Europeans should learn from these examples. Even if Johnson and his NFAC represent an openly hostile attitude towards white Europeans, perhaps there are nationalists of European descent who will find a common language with the likes of Johnson and NFAC faster than with those running the media.


As the old saying goes - "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" - so perhaps is Johnson and his NFAC a potential ally against a common enemy which is blind and deaf towards the natural needs of the black as well as white Americans, searching for their own corner and piece of land under the sun.


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