Woke-Taliban’s Reign of Terror – White Supremacy-Suspicion becomes more and more absurd!


After two decades as a senior curator at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Gary Garrels – according to Artnet “one of the country’s most prominent curators“ - was forced to resign, because of being suspected of white supremacy. What was his unforgivable malefaction?


Screenshot news.artnet.com


Screenshot news.artnet.com


He only assured that the museum would continue to collect white artists after a presentation which was especially dedicated to the museum’s latest acquisitions from minority artists. Being immediately confronted with this „politically incorrect“ carelessness, he missed to rhetorically take a knee instead of explaining that banning white artists would be equal to reverse discrimination. After a petition had been launched in which you could read about Garrels „toxic white supremacist beliefs“ the longstanding curator resigned – and finally losing all self-respect belatedly even apologised.


This example shows with terrifying clarity, how completely mad the current „woke-establishment“ has become. If one of European descent doesn`t in preemptive obedience talk and act in self-humiliation towards any privileged minority group, he immediately will experience social exclusion. Goodbye, free speech! Good night, Occidental culture!


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