„The Deep State“: An Interview with Author & Vlogger Elizabeth Grace, a.k.a. Really Graceful

Europa Terra Nostra Vice-Chairman Sascha Rossmuller (Germany) recently sat down for yet another interview, this time to talk with the American author and vlogger Elizabeth Grace, also known by her YouTube channel name of Really Graceful. In March of this year, Elizabeth published a 440-page book, in which she uncovers the hidden webs of power and influence that shape our world today. Keeping with the principle that nothing and no one is above questioning, this book serves as a guide for those who seek to understand the masked machinations of power behind current political cabals. In her YouTube videos, Elizabeth provides revealing updates regarding her own political investigations.

Sascha Rossmuller: Elizabeth, thank you very much for agreeing to sit down for conversation with myself and ETN. Now, for our readers, could you please tell us exactly what pushed you into engaging with politics to extensively, and when you started becoming politically active? Also, could you please give us a short description of your book, The Deep State Encyclopedia? It is more than 440 pages of information, which is an indicator of an enormous amount of research having been done in order to produce this book. How long have you been working on this book?

Elizabeth Grace: My video-making career dates back to 2011, when I was in graduate school, though the subject matter wasn’t nearly as serious as it is now. After graduate school, I pursued a career in marketing, film and editing advertising videos for healthcare facilities to be shown at professional sporting events. At the time, the race wars were being reignited in the United States with the killing of Michael Brown by police officers in Ferguson, Missouri. The event set off several riots in Missouri, which were broadcast on live television, and I couldn’t help but notice protesters being bussed in, all with suspiciously professional signage and matching t-shirts, doing very little protesting. Instead, they were looting and destroying the city. Noticing this, I began to wonder who was funding the protestors, which led me down a rabbit hole to George Soros and his Open Society Foundations, and how he used his “philanthropy” to dismantle societies. Back in 2016, very little of this information existed on YouTube, so I decided to make a video on it. Unfortunately, that video was short-lived on YouTube. The video was removed without so much as a warning to me in 2017, and now, in 2023, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find this type of information online, because the internet is so censored. The nature of the disappearing internet inspired me to jot down all my notes, preserving them in a notebook for years, which eventually gave way to the publication of my first book, The Deep State Encyclopedia: Exposing the Cabal’s Playbook. The Deep State Encyclopedia is a 450-page A-to-Z reference exposing the hidden web of power and influence that shapes our world, serving as a guide for those who seek to understand the masked machinations of power behind the cabal.

Sascha Rossmuller: You regularly produce videos that people can watch on several platforms – including YouTube – where you cover current affairs from an investigative perspective. You also cover particular families of historically significant influence, such as in your video Bloodlines of Power. According to your research, which families are the most influential and what are your conclusions regarding the societal damage that result from their influence?

Elizabeth Grace: The dynastic banking families who took over the United States monetary system and economy in the early 1900s through their creation of the Federal Reserve – which is not even a government institution, but a private banking cartel with no allegiance to any country. These are the families who have done the most damage to the world. Their last names include Rothschild, Rockefeller, DuPont, Warburg, Morgan [and] Schiff, just to name a few. In addition to becoming parasites on every country with a central bank, all wars are funded by bankers, so they can collect the interest off of both sides, so it monetarily benefits the banking cartel to have us at odds with each other at all times. Additionally, once war is over, those bankers can then go and cheaply buy up all the property of the losing nation while there’s blood still in the streets. Essentially, these families are enriched by death, destruction and forever wars. The Rockefeller family in particular has been a detriment to society because of their influence on modern medicine. They pioneered the modern medical movement with pharmaceuticals and vaccinations, as well as bought and paid for science and research to promote these pharmicuticals and vaccinations. The Rockefeller Foundation has published repeated studies of how their vaccinations are deployed to curb fertility and even reduce the population. From its fruition, the Rockefeller Foundation and Rockefeller Medicine was focused on population control and eugenics.

Sascha Rossmuller: Your journalistic work repeatedly refers to monetary policy, the Federal Reserve and the debt-based system. Meanwhile, the US Dollar, as the global reserve currency, is challenged by a more autonomous policy of the increasing BRICS group. How do you assess the development of monetary policy? Do you think there could be a paradigm shift within the next few years? What could or should that look like?

Elizabeth Grace: Former Goldman Sachs chief economist Jim O’Neill coined the BRIC acronym back in 2001, with S added later. BRICS stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. BRICS are the emerging leading economies of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset that are supposed to dominate the world by 2050. BRICS countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – are working on creating a new currency (rumored digital currency) allegedly backed in gold. In other words, they’re doing trade without the petrodollar. The United States petrodollar has been the default currency for international trade and used as political leverage on the global stage, which is why the dollar has historically been strong and fairly stable. However, BRICS has the potential to give the petrodollar a run for its money. As of July 2023, the countries who have shown interest in joining BRICS include Algeria, Argentina, Bahrain, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Afghanistan, Mexico, Turkey, Syria and Venezuela. The Federal Reserve system in the United States is not meant to stand the test of time. It is a system that eats its own tail, much like the ouroboros, leaving destruction in its wake while starting anew elsewhere, reinventing itself, with a different face, a different name, but, at its core, it’s the same thing – compound interest, usury, financial enslavement, death, war and destruction. That’s why we’re seeing all countries create their Central Bank Digital Currency in lockstep with one another as they leave behind the tangible dollar, but the central banks still control it all. So, with the decline of the dollar, CBDC is ready to go in its place, and will inevitably give bankers and governments more top-down control over society.

Sascha Rossmuller: You also investigated the realms of gender and LGBT ideology. In one of your videos, you labelled the whole movement as the „alphabet mafia“. You also identified California as a testing ground for so-called progressive politics. There was a whole month dedicated to Pride, but only one day for military veterans. What have you reported on regarding the modern LGBT community, especially with regards to the transitioning of minors, misgendering, child protective services and so on?

Elizabeth Grace: In my opinion, the normalization and push of LGBTQXYZ is a push for population control. Did gay people exist before this push by mainstream media? Yes, of course. Did some people cross-dress before the trans movement took place? Yes. They were called crossdressers. However, none of these issues were specifically targeted at children in the past, but now, there’s a pharmaceutical element to be sold in the form of hormone therapy to children and young adults who are confused about themselves because the media and Disney repeatedly told them to question their gender. Lunatic parents will even subject their children to Frankenstein surgeries that confuse and maim them further, ensuring that their children are lifetime patients of pharmaceutical companies. This attack on children is being normalized in the classroom through our government-sponsored education.

It makes no sense, really. If you think about it, if you have a man who doesn’t feel like a man, and he wishes to take hormones, why wouldn’t the doctor give him male hormones, instead of female? The more degeneracy that gets tolerated by average Americans, the more degeneracy is pushed on them. People who are gay, transgender or have been on hormones since they were a child are unlikely to procreate naturally. They will be the end of their bloodline. It is population control, and since they can’t reproduce, they must recruit, which is why you see them targeting children. Predators seek the most vulnerable. That’s why I call them the LGBT rainbow alphabet mafia. What we are seeing is the result of a demoralized, self-obsessed populace, with no real sense of self because we don’t know our history, and the history they’ve given us is fake anyway, so people cling to identities handed to them by [the] media. Yet there is no real emphasis on individual excellence, and thus society isn’t excellent as a result. Instead, it is comprised of individuals who are by and large conditioned to believe that the indoctrination they gave us is education, and the propaganda they feed us is news.

Sascha Rossmuller: Another interesting topic is the increasing numbers of train derailments, explosions, wildfires, etc., while simultaneously attacking farmers under the pretext of climate change policies. What is behind all of this? Are we witnessing more and more governmental/deep state psy-ops in the United States and beyond?

Elizabeth Grace: Over the last few years, we’ve seen several trends emerge. In the aftermath of COVID lockdowns, we saw a trend of food processing facilities catching fire. For the past year, we’ve also seen a trend of train derailments across the United States, and many of these trains are carrying toxic and hazardous materials, leading to the evacuation of citizens within the area of the derailment. The sheer amount of incidents that have occurred within the last several years makes it hard to pin the phenomenon down to coincidence. However, I have to wonder if it’s a concerted attack on American infrastructure and business, or if our infrastructure is crumbling because our politicians simply have allegiance to entities outside of the United States, so the glut of tax dollars aren’t being funneled to enhance American business, American highways and railroads. They’re being sent to places like Ukraine, Israel and Africa, funneled to fuel the forever wars. Earlier this year, we saw our power grid being attacked, leaving cities without power for hours all the way up to several days. Within several hours of these attacks, mainstream media blamed white supremacists, anti-LGBT activists and anti-government activists for these attacks with no evidence, simply because one of the attacks took place within some proximity to a drag show where children were present. Moving forward, since the narrative is crumbling, I believe more of these incidents will be blamed on anti-government types, when really it is the American deep state attacking itself from within.

Sascha Rossmuller: Assuming that Washington‘s deep state dominance will fade away due to domestic Balkanisation, grassroots protests and the new multipolar world, what will the globalist elites try next in order to stay in the game?

Elizabeth Grace: So much corruption and crime has been exposed within the last decade. It appears that the majority of our government leaders are for themselves, not for the people. They work to undermine the American Constitution and do so boldly and openly. I believe that they will do anything to avoid paying for their crimes and truly receiving justice. They would rather burn down the entire country, with distraction after distraction than face justice. We’ve seen this play out with the Jeffrey Epstein saga, where Epstein and his madame, Ghislaine Maxwell, were clearly using Epstein Island as a human trafficking and blackmail operation for high level individuals and government. Ghislaine went to prison for human trafficking, but none of the clients were revealed. How is that possible? It makes no sense. There is talk that the next phase of the United States is Balkanization, especially since some states are so polarizing with their progressive policies and communist agendas, like California. Of course, Balkanization would be the result of civil war, most likely. There is tension everywhere you look, between races, between sexes and between political parties. The ever-growing wealth gap is pouring gasoline on the fire. I don’t know what the future holds, but I hope my fellow Americans understand that our neighbors aren’t our enemy. We are paying an enormous sum in taxes to pedophiles. That needs to change. A parasitic force known as the Federal Reserve has its tentacles wrapped around our nation. We could have our own national banks, our own state banks, our own money without the pyramid and eye symbolism. The federal reserve is not needed. The mainstream media is poisoning minds and targeting our children. We can turn the TV off. We can take our country back.

The Deep State Encyclopedia: Exposing the Cabal’s Playbook

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