Sleepy English Village at Risk of Becoming New Home for Over 1,500 Migrants

Linton-on-Ouse is an English village, but maybe not for very long. The British Government wants to overrun it with migrants.

Linton-on-Ouse is the type of village that many people outside of the UK picture whenever they think of the English countryside – small, quiet, safe, traditional and populated by the friendliest of people. Located in the north of England in the historic county of Yorkshire, it is almost impossible to imagine that such a quaint and isolated village could ever be at risk of suffering from the ever-damaging effects of mass immigration. Alas, this is the UK in 2022, and such a scenario is currently unfolding in this picturesque English village.

As of the time of writing, the British Government is currently making plans to house over 1,500 migrants (all of which are men) at an old Royal Air Force base, which is in very close proximity to Linton-on-Ouse. While 1,500 migrants is a figure which may not seem so significant when compared to the extremely high numbers of migrants that countries such as Sweden and Germany have taken in over the years, to put things into perspective, the total population of the village of Linton-on-Ouse is approximately only 1,200, according to the last UK census. Suppose the British Government’s plans for housing these migrants go ahead. In that case, this sleepy little village will almost literally overnight transform from being an overwhelmingly ethnically English village to a village where the majority population is migrants.

Secondly, due to the risk of the village more than doubling its population in an extremely short space of time, this will inevitably lead to the village having its resources severely strained as it struggles to accommodate and feed these new arrivals.

Thirdly, naturally, the local populace is highly concerned about the villagers’ safety and security if the migrants do indeed arrive in droves. One notable incident in the village occurred when two migrants of Sub-Saharan African origin propositioned a group of 15-year-old schoolgirls for sexual activities. When asked about their age, one of the migrants replied that he was 21 and merely shrugged and said “Cool” when he learned of the young age of the schoolgirls. Fortunately, the girls quickly moved away from the two men without further incident.

More police needed to handle “peaceful” migrants

In the wake of the British Government’s plans to settle all these migrants in Linton-on-Ouse, extra patrols from North Yorkshire Police have been assigned to the village. Surely if all these migrants are indeed as peaceful and integrating as is claimed by the UK Government and the British left and centre, why would there be a need to deploy extra police patrols in a tiny rural village that is effectively crime-free?

According to the British Government, the initial plan was to send only 60 migrants to Linton-on-Ouse, to begin with, with the other 1,440 set to arrive gradually over the coming weeks or months. However, despite the British Government’s insistence that the village is “urgently needed” to house such a significant number of migrants, the locals of the village have launched an extensive campaign against the Government and the proposed resettlement plans. The most popular slogan of resistance against the plan is Wrong Place, Wrong Plan. So far, the campaigning seems to be working, as one representative of the UK Home Office wrote a letter regarding the progress of the UK Government’s plans for the village:

I can confirm that no final decision has been taken by ministers to accommodate asylum seekers at RAF Linton…Analysis and consideration of whether or not to accommodate asylum seekers at RAF Linton is ongoing…

One village campaigner, Olga Matthias, stated:

The positive in me wants to see that they’ve [the UK Government] been rattled by the MP, by the villages, by all the agencies saying this is a bad idea, and I’d like to think that they’re thinking about it…On the other hand, the cynic in me says they’re just buying themselves time.

The UK Government has reported that the accommodation for all 1,500 migrants will last only for as long as it takes for their asylum applications to be correctly processed. According to the Government, allowing the migrants to stay in hotel accommodation paid for by the state would cost the British taxpayer over £5 million a day. During a debate in the House of Commons last week, UK Immigration Minister Kevin Foster (Conservative Party MP) stated that a final Government decision on the resettlement of over 1,500 migrants in Linton-on-Ouse would only be made when “we are clear it is safe and legal to do so”.

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